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Kids Pickle Foundation’s core mission is to help transform the lives of children from the inside out.  We will accomplish this by creating an environment which motivates and empowers children to be S.M.A.R.T. (Successful, Magnificent, Authentic, Resilient, Thankful).

Our primary goal is to provide training and mentoring that assist children to overcome challenges and reach their full potential in four areas: education, wellness (emotional and physical health), community service and leadership.  We have developed two separate programs: Kids Pickle After School Program and Kids Pickle Mentorship Program with the tools children need to live a successful life.

Kids Pickle

After School Program

This three-hour after school program will provide help with homework and other learning activities. Also, there will be recreational and physical activities to develop physical skills and constructively channel children’s energy pent up after a school day. Additionally, arts and crafts will be provided so children can express their creativity.  A light healthy snack will be provided each day for the children.

  • Staff & Leadership

    Current and former teachers along with college education major interns and volunteers will be used in this program for academics and recreational activities.

  • Saftey First. Always.

    Ensuring the safety and well-being of children in our care is a high priority. All staff and volunteers are required to have a criminal background check. 

  • Excellence

    We promote academic excellence, physical fitness and foster healthy habits for our youth. Our programs also nurture teamwork & strategic thinking.

Measuring the success of the program is essential to determine what’s working and the areas of improvements. An important goal is for the children to have a better performance in school as measured by improved homework completion, test scores and grades.

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  • Des Brown

    Des Brown is director of WePickle Charleston and Kids Pickle Foundation. He has received instructor certification through the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). Des was born and raised in Charleston, SC. He loves Charleston and is proud to be a part of the Geechee/Gullah Culture. Des was introduced to the game of pickleball by one of his friends, and he fell in love with the game. Des' love for the game of pickleball is unmatched. Des started WePickle Charleston to introduce the game to minorities, undeserved communities and youth. Des understands all of the benefits that the game provides. Not only does the game provide physical activity but it also encourages social interaction with others. Des has helped the pickleball community grow in so many ways in Charleston. Under his leadership there is now a community of youth pickleball players. We also have seen the increase in minority players throughout the Low Country. 

    Kids Pickle Charleston provides homework assistance, mentorship and physical activity through pickleball. Des has a passion for helping our youth. His goal includes making a positive impact in the lives of every child in the Kids Pickle Foundation Program.

  • Maxine Jones

    Maxine Jones, co-founder and executive director of Kids Pickle Foundation is passionate about helping others, especially children and young people in underserved communities.  Her commitment to youth development led her to serve in leadership roles on the board of directors for several youth-based organizations. She mentors youth of all ages, motivating them to excel in education, acknowledging their natural talents/gifts and encouraging them to be their best selves.

    Maxine is a certified pickleball instructor by the International Pickle Teaching Professional Association.  She is a pickleball player who has won medals in various tournaments.  Over the years, she has assisted many to learn the sport of pickleball, especially the youth.  She believes being active is a critical part of everyone’s physical and mental development. 

  • Chuck Powell

    Charleston, SC

  • David Lewin

    Charleston, SC

  • James Kaiser

    Charleston, SC

  • Daryl Rous

    Charleston, SC

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